Adventure Training

doe32520 Squadron offers as much outward bounds opportunities as possible and we do this in many diffierent ways! This can include Camps, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Fieldcraft and lots more!
Adventure Training forms an essential part of the Air Cadet’s training syllabus. As well as helping cadets forge new friendships, adventure training enables all cadets to show off their leadership qualities.

Fieldcraft is an exciting part of the squadron’s training programme, and the promise of a good exercise is always guaranteed to get good attendance. Fieldcraft is, to put it simply, the art of living and moving in the field.

An average squadron ‘exercise’ will vary widely. Many involve two teams being pitted against each other. Exercises vary and each places emphasis on different aspects of fieldcraft. Some might need you and your team to move slowly and quietly, sneaking upon an ‘enemy’ installation, perhaps. Others need speed as well as stealth, and you will have to decide how much of one to trade off against another. An acknowledged advantage of fieldcraft exercises is that it forces people to use their initiative much more often. You could find yourself in a decision-making position as a relatively junior member of the squadron.

Fieldcraft is often used as a method of assessing cadets’ leadership qualities – what would happen, for instance if the first and second in commands of your team went down? Would you take control? Do you have the skills and abilities?