campsIn association with Tunbridge Wells Squadron, Tonbridge Squadron holds an adventure training camp in Wales each year and up to 50 cadets go.

In addition, every year, cadets are given the opportunity to attend a camp on an operational RAF station. These camps last one week (normally Saturday to Saturday or Wednesday to Wednesday) with the primary purpose of letting cadets see what life is like on an RAF camp. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and have a lot of fun.

On arriving at Air Cadet camp, the cadets will be split into two or more flights.

You will sleep in RAF accommodation blocks, eat at the airman’s mess and visit the various sections around the station (such as squadrons, the control tower etc.), as well as take part in sports, orienteering and night exercises, quizzes, aircraft recognition competitions and any social activities which may be available.

There will be drill, uniform and room inspections but these, along with all the other activities, earn points for you as an individual and for your flight as a whole.

Each cadet at camp will normally get a flight in one of the Air Experience Flight’s Tutor aircraft and being on an RAF station puts cadets in a perfect position to get opportunity flights on any other aircraft which may have a few spare seats.

Cadets over 16 years of age may receive a Work Experience placement whilst on the camp where they see first-hand exactly what a job within the Royal Air Force entails.

Overseas Camps

Once a cadet has attended a UK camp and has reached the age of 15 they will be able to apply for Overseas camps. The ATC currently runs overseas camps at Gibraltar and at Akrotiri in Cyprus.
Overseas camps are typically more relaxed because of the greater experience amongst the participants. They concentrate less on drill and inspections and more on the other aspects of camp, such as gaining valuable work experience with RAF personnel, visiting local sites of historic and/or military interest. Cadets will also get the opportunity to explore towns in the local area, such as Limassol in Cyprus.