Air Experience Flights

Air Cadets have the opportunity to fly with Royal Air Force pilots in Tutor aircraft. Flying takes place at one of 12 Air Experience Flights (AEFs) where cadets are shown how the aircraft flies and given the chance to control the aeroplane, experience aerobatics or simply admire the view. All Air Cadets get the opportunity to fly with the AEF each year. 2520 Squadron Cadets generally fly with No 5 AEF at RAF Wyton.

AEF aircraft are flown by volunteer pilots, all of whom are current or former service pilots.


Opportunity Flights

Apart from the AEF aircraft, many Air Cadets also get the opportunity of flying in a variety of other RAF aircraft.

Some lucky individuals are put forward for passenger flights in ‘fast jets’.

During their ‘careers’ many Air Cadets will have flown in a variety of Service aeroplanes and helicopters – sometimes in the capacity of Supernumerary Crew. It is not unusual for some of these flights to include trips overseas. Most of these flights take place during Annual Camps when Cadets visit an RAF Station.

Those Air Cadets with an aptitude for flying can apply for a number of courses, including Flying and Gliding Scholarships.