Induction Course

The Starting point for your gliding experience will be at a Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) which will fly either Vigilant motor gliders or Viking winch launch gliders. 2520 Squadron Cadets use Vigilant gliders based at a school at RAF Odiham in Hampshire and Viking gliders from Kenley, Surrey.

You will begin by attending, with others from your Cadet Squadron your affiliated VGS to be taught the Gliding Induction Course (GIC).

The GIC has been designed to give you a taste for Air Cadet Gliding and consists of 3 different levels of instruction. You will be shown various aspects of aerodynamics that you will have been taught in the classroom before being taught the “effects of controls” in the air. You will have the opportunity to take control and practice what you have learned. On your first visit you will be taught the GIC 1 and your subsequent visits you will progress to GIC 2 and 3.

After you have completed the course, you will be awarded a GIC certificate.

Course Content
GIC 1 – 20 minutes
GIC 2 – 25 minutes
GIC 3 – 30 minutes
GIC 1 – 3 launches
GIC 2 – 4 launches
GIC 3 – 5 launches

You will be shown and have the opportunity to practice:
How the pitch is changed
How the rudder affects the yaw plane
How to change the rolling plane
What happens when the glider stalls (GIC 3)

In Brief…
You should be at least 13 years and 3 months of age.
Parent’s consent to fly signed in record book or 3822.
You must have a high level of motivation.
No temporary or permanent medical condition that would make flying unsafe for cadet or pilot.