The Aims of the Air Cadet Organization

  • To promote and encourage among young people a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force
  • To provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life
  • To foster the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenshipAir Cadets aged 13 to 18 are given the chance by our team of staff and adult volunteers to learn to fly aerobatics, learn skills to lead expeditions, tour foreign countries, become target shooting marksman, join a band, learn about aviation and aerospace – only a small list of the many activities and opportunities for an enviable social life with many new friends.

    The ATC Motto is: ‘Venture Adventure’

    The Air Training Corps is the largest operator of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Perhaps that’s not so surprising when you learn that HRH Prince Philip is the ATC’s Commodore-in-Chief, taking a keen interest in the organization and its members.

    Air Cadets get the opportunity of flying in RAF and commercial aircraft – many progressing to achieve Flying Scholarships and their Private Pilots Licence (PPL).

    The Corps, which has charitable status, is not a recruiting organization but many members do go on to have careers in the Royal Air Force, other Services or civilian life. Currently approximately 34% of all aircrew (pilots, navigators and NCO aircrew) and 20% of Officers are ex-Cadets.
    The Air Cadet Organization is thriving! Each year over 60,000 cadets, volunteer staff and civilian committee members help engage in pursuits and rewarding opportunities such as championing good causes in the local communities, pursuing sporting events at a national level and even becoming international youth ambassadors.